X-E1 vs X-E2 (from a MFT user perspective)

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Re: X-E1 vs X-E2 (from a MFT user perspective)

M4/3 and X-E1 owner here;

Have you thought about the oly 75mm? Or even the 45mm. I think both are great (I can only afford the 45mm). With 45mm f1.8 depth of field is 2.5cm at 1m, with 75mm f1.8 it is 0.9cm (but 2.3cm again at 1.5m of course).

I do own the 75 which is a fantastic lens (probably the best I own). However, it's very long and not suitable in many cases. If you have space it's great for sure.

The 45 is fine for head or upper body shots, but it does have too much DOF when one wants to isolate the subject in a full body shot. The Fuji would do much better at f/1.2 in this particular scenario.

With APS-c and 56mm f1.2 it is 2.3cm soooooo if you like your EM1 it seems quit pointless to me.

Well, as I said above, it has its uses. One can always close the aperture, but one can't open a lens more than it's physical aperture!

Plus the x-trans sensor has is pluses but also minuses!


I do like my X-E1 for the 18-55 lens and it looks/handling. It is a great standard zoom lens, on par with the pana 20mm and the oly 45mm (except speed) and I got the package really cheap (400 euro) which was near to the price of the VF4, which I was shopping for.

What do you think of the AF? How about the overall responsiveness of the E1?

OOPS you already heave the 45mm and 75mm, then there is really nothing to gain

Yeah... If only someone would release the f/0.95 Voigtlander lens with AF.... I'm sure many people would buy them.

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