X-E1 vs X-E2 (from a MFT user perspective)

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Re: X-E1 vs X-E2 (from a MFT user perspective)

thxbb12 wrote:

I currently own an Olympus E-M1 which I'm very happy with. However, I often wish for more DOF control when shooting portraits. Consequently, I'm very tempted to purchase an E1 + 56mm f/1.2 for portrait use as it's still cheaper than buying the Pana/Leica 42.5 f/1.2 in MFT land.

I'm currently having a hard look at Fuji since the crazy drop in price of the X-E1 body (almost half the price of the X-E2 in Switzerland).

My understanding is that the E1 is now quite close to the E2 since the latest firmware release. Now, how do they compare regarding the following points?

The X-E2 is going to have an advantage in most of your areas of interest because it has the same processor as the X-T1--twice as fast as the X-E1.

Operating speed

X-E2 -faster

Single AF speed

X-E2 - faster, same speed as the X-T1

AF accuracy

Mostly the same


X-E2 was just upgraded with the same EVF fast refresh rate and color manual focus peaking as the X-T1.

EVF lag

X-E2 -- less lag, same as X-T1

"Automatic focus on the closest eye" feature (if it even exists)

Not available in the X-E1 or X-E2

AF accuracy is probably the most important point as far as I'm concerned. I also use the face detection quite a bit when shooting portraits of a single subject. The Olympus implementation works very very well (it can focus on the closest eye). The X-T1 also features such an implementation, but it's way over my budget.

Thank you in advance for your input.

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