Danube River Cruise Suggestions

Started May 12, 2014 | Discussions thread
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Re: Danube River Cruise Suggestions

I was on a river cruise last week. A shot that takes more than 5 seconds to set up and execute will get you left behind and cause increasing trouble exponentially. I gave up on changing lenses quickly. I went with the 12-50 mainly, despite its shortcomings, because it goes fairly wide and is ok in rain and does decent macro. If I knew we were going inside a building for tour, I brought along the 20 prime for light, knowing there would be a bottleneck at the entrance and I could change lenses then.  When the tour included a little free time(usually never more than 20-30 minutes), I brought the 9-18 to tangle with tall buildings and cathedral or castle interiors. I never needed a longer lens except from my balcony in the boat. Tours are a maddening undertaking for a photographer. Twice (when I was sure where the bus would be) I ran away.

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