The best native E/FE lens as of today?

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Re: Mr.T-Man, re: Touit 32 circles of confusion wide open

José B wrote:

MrT-Man wrote:

Sorry, I very strongly disagree with "the 24/1.8 is awful wide open". Just go to flickr and look at example of how "awful" it supposedly is. It's prone to chromatic abberations wide open, but that's easily fixable with a tick box in Lightroom.

Going back to the OP's question, and as others have said, it depends on what you're trying to accomplish. Though I'd say the 24/1.8, Touit 32/1.8 and FE 55/1.8 are all spectacularly good lenses. The 24 and 55 have similar rendering, color/contrast and character, though the 55 is probably sharper (it's known to be the sharpest e-mount lens for full frame).

The Touit 32 is slower to focus than the other two and has some optical distortion (although it's very easy to correct for), though it's got maybe the best color/contrast of the three. On APS-C, it's comparable in sharpness to the FE 55. The rendering is more hyper-realistic, while the 24 and 55 have the Sonnar character (which is hard to describe, but you'll see it if you look at enough Sonnar pics).

The 55 is my go-to portrait lens. For a walking-around lens, I'd be hard pressed to choose between the 24/1.8 and the Touit 32 as I love them both. The 24mm is probably a little more flexible if you're only going to have one prime.

Many will say that the Sigma 30 and Sony SEL50 are very sharp lenses for the price. But if we're talking "best", the Touit 32 is a better lens than the Sigma 30, and the Sony FE 55 is better than the Sony SEL50.

I've checked out flickr photos as well, the Touit 32 has unique characteristics to it. Have you taken some night shots with this lens? It already looks interesting during the day. Check out the circles of confusion in this background from the shoot I did the other day. Pretty cool huh?

And here's the full scene

And I love the cropping power of this lens!



Really cool shots Jose and nice model

I don't dig the 32mm Planar bokeh. Far too busy for my taste, but this can also give it some nice character in some shots. I definitely prefer the smoothness of the Sonnar bokeh, and the FE 55mm is SO sweet, my best lens ever. I have the 24mm f/1.8 as well which I am selling, but the bokeh of this lens is very nice as well, although it hasn't got the subject isolation power as long focal length lenses.

In summary, the FE 55mm is a beast and provides very useful fl's on both APS-C and FF bodies. Top lens.

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