D600 with 24-70 right focus issue

Started May 10, 2014 | Discussions thread
clarnibass Senior Member • Posts: 1,966
Re: D600 with 24-70 right focus issue

Can you clarify something...

You say the right focus point was a problematic one, but in your example it is the left photo that is blurry. Are they reversed? Is it really the right focus points and you posted the photo using the right focus point on the left (and vise versa)? Or was it the left focus point that gave the blurry photo?

In your second example, it is the photo on the right that is a more blurry then the others. So either it is the same problematic focus point and the photos in the opposite order, or it's the opposite focus point that was problematic in this example...?

Also, regardless of whether you can improve your testing (which you can), you have to compare with Live View focus and/or manual focus, to be sure the lens is sharp in that area.

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