no point in buying a mirrorless camera

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Re: no point in buying a mirrorless camera

nevercat wrote:

abortabort wrote:

You compared two cameras for two different target groups. Both are great cameras in their group. The lens of the Canon is very versatile and very nice, compared to the kitlens of the Sony. On the otherhand the sensor is smaller, the dynamic range, color depth and low light capabilities are less then the Sony. Add to that that the canan is a little bit larger and heavier and that you have to pay $300 extra for an EVF and you will have the complete picture..

There are some important reasons to buy the A6000 for the more creative or demanding photographers. You can add all kind of lenses to your system, wwhen you want a 210mm tele reach you add the 55-210mm lens and pay the same as the Canon with EVF!

If you want a WA zoom add the 10-18mm f4 lens... All things you can't do with the Canon....

Butthe Canon is a good camera for people not wanting more then the lens provided, and who don't want an EVF. And who think the IQ of the Canon is good enough for them...

You are thinking of the G1X II, the OP is talking G16.

You are right about my mistake on the G1X mark ii (I hate when that happens) but the OP was talking about the G11, an older version of that camera. The remarks in my original post stay the same, but the sensorsize is a lot smaller, and lowlight is 3 stops worse then the A6000 according to DXO. Add to that that you have less control over DOF and less WA (28mm compared to 24 mm for the A6000) and that the A6000 have better AF, and will grow with your needs (by adding lenses, both zooms and primes)and I still think the A6000 is a winner.

Lookat the video capabilities of the a6000 and you see an other reason why there is a reason to buy the mirrorless over the G11...

I realy hate to say it, but the OP looks more and more like a troll, especialy as he do not react to the posts here and he does not tell why the old G11 is a better option...

I'm quite serious. Sorry for going away for family stuff on mother's day.

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