no point in buying a mirrorless camera

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Re: no point in buying a mirrorless camera

adymitruk wrote:

DezM wrote:

adymitruk wrote:

If the awesome a6000 comes with the 16-50, you might as well just buy a used Canon g11 for regular photography - or some macro. Throw on some alternate firmware like chdk to get bracketing, etc.

Not trolling. serious suggestion.

Same with the nex-7/18-55...


What are you trying to stir up? You own two mirrorless cameras, according to your gear list. What's the point?

The a6000 will smoke the Canon G11 in everything but physical size.

Because I got some great "macro" shots with the G11 quite easily. I'd have to resort to photo stacking to get a similar shot with the a6000 or use flash or crank the ISO.

And? Many small sensor compacts with macro capabilities can do that. Still don't get what's your point. It's apples and oranges.

Your OP should've read "No point in me buying a mirrorless camera since I need to shoot macro"

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