How to Evaluate a New Lens? (Sort of Disappointed with the 16-70)

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Re: 16-70mm costs $1000....I expect

CameraCarl wrote:

I just received a new Sony/Zeiss 16-70mm lens which I bought because I was not happy with the corner and edge sharpness of my kit 16-50 on my NEX-6. Today I went out and shot several hundred images to compare the two lenses. I used a tripod, OSS off, and the self timer to photograph both a large building and a large bookshelf. I took photos at 16, 24, 28, 35, and 50mm at apertures from f4 to f11. I'm comparing both jpegs and RAW images (with lens corrections applied) in Lightroom 5 side by side at 100%.

The results seem to be all over the place. Both lenses seem to be equally sharp in the center. At some focal lengths and apertures, the 16-70 is better at the edges and corners. At other focal lengths and apertures, the 16-50 is better at the edges and corners. What is surprising is that the 16-70 does not knock my socks off in image quality. In daylight (how I tested it today, both outdoors and indoors) I can see the 16-70 has a slight edge in contrast and color, but in the matter of sharpness, there is no clear superiority. I'm still sorting through all the images and will post some comparisons tomorrow, both in this thread and in my gallery. Meanwhile I'm wondering if I am not evaluating the 16-70 properly since I was expecting a lot more from it for $1000. Any suggestions how to evaluate a new lens?

more from this camera... I don't own one but from a number of user reports I believe this lens a very good lens but at $1000 each I expect more. I agree with you.

You see the m4/3 kit lens, 14-45mm costs about $300 this lens is excellent......

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