The best native E/FE lens as of today?

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Re: The best native E/FE lens as of today?

Tone Row wrote:

Hi All,

Long story is that I am giving up my ZA 16-70. After having it for a few weeks I just couldn't shake the feeling that I wasn't getting the performance I would have expected and finally got around to doing some deeper tests that uncovered decentering. I didn't notice it at first because I mostly shoot wide open and don't worry about the edges. It only became apparent when some stopped-down architectural shots I took were consistently blurry along the left edge. No biggie, I can take it back and swap it out with another and call it a day.

That got me thinking about lenses in general though and wondering which Sony E/FE lens is considered to be the best these days. Is it still the 24/1.8?

And the Oscar goes to:

a Sonnar split ladies and gentlemen: E24Z for most versatile lens for APS-C and FE55 for best optical lens on FF. E24Z is most all-around lens if one have to chose just 1 lens to live with (except zooms of course) since it is a most suited for casual, street, family, group portraits, snaps, social events etc photography. In addition it basically is a semi-macro lens with it's 6'' minimal focus distance. Sharp, contrasty, fast AF, hard to beat, thus pricey.  FE55 on the other hand is simply best optically and fast (f1.8 on FF). Best score from native E-mount lenses (there are some other E-mount lenses that can challenge FE55, but they are way more expensive, like CINE prime lenses from Zeiss). Interestingly, both lenses E24Z and FE55 are of legendary Sonanr design.

If we can have an India Bollywood Oscar (a cheaper version), then Oscar would go for Sigma 60mm best optically after FE55.

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