d300 aperature lever sticking shut

Started Aug 28, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: d300 aperature lever sticking shut

Yesterday, while shooting a sports event, I noticed my my FPS was really low - only 1 a sec or worse, and it was really random. I assumed I had the camera in Continuous Low, but that made the photos more regularly spaced. in Ch it it was weird. I first assumed I had knocked the roatary dial and the Ch option was broken or dirty. so I decided to exercise the aperture withthe DoF button to see if the problem was with the camera or the lens - and the DoF button would randomly trigger the Aperture lever - but it would get stuck. Turning on and off the camera didn't help.

My D300 leads a hard life, and although it has over 100,000 shutter releases, but I didn't think t was the shutter.

My Computer repair brain told me it was the button. I went into settings as disabled the DOF button (last option is "none") and the camera instantly sprung back to life - my 8 frames a sec was back.

Disabling a broken DOF button might cure some of these issues with aperture actuation (or low frame rate, in my case).

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