How to Evaluate a New Lens? (Sort of Disappointed with the 16-70)

Started May 10, 2014 | Discussions thread
Jeffrey Ross New Member • Posts: 16
Re: Gorgeous!!! Extremely happy owner here too

José B wrote:

My first opportunity to shoot my new A6000 and 16-70 was last weekend. Difficult shooting due to extreme backlighting. I thought both the camera and lens performed exceptionally. This is roughly an 1800 x 1400 pixel crop with a little photoshopping. I think the 16 70 will spend a lot of time on my camera.

That's exactly what I did, travelled to SE Asia and did a few model shoots with it. I'm happy like Pharrell:-)



Thanks for the complement.  Not a model though.  Shot at the wedding of a friend of my daughter.  This is the bride.  I was able to bless her and her parents with the photo.  That's the most fun part of the hobby.  Although I have had people appreciate my landscapes, I find that the photographs of their children and grandchildren are the most appreciated and more likely to be displayed.

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