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Re: NP-FW50 Weight - varies

Son Of Mustang Ford wrote:

Ynos wrote:

All batteries last same amount of time. Maybe there are some fake ones that are really bad. I haven't encountered them luckily.

No, they really don't. The original (Sony) battery that was supplied with my Nex-3 is still able to hold enough charge to take about 100 pictures. The next summer I bought a cheap (ebay) spare - it was fine for about a year but nowadays holds it's charge for about 10 (yes, ten) pictures if I am lucky. The following summer I bought a more expensive copy on Amazon (it had a German name), this one was 'good' for longer, but now I am lucky if I get 30 shots out of it.

What in the world are you doing to abuse these batteries buddy? I have a NP-FW50 I have had since NEX launched, used across nearly every model released, probably 50,000 exposures on it, and I still get a couple hundred before it dies.

Lithium Ion batteries require specific treatment to remain in top condition over time, perhaps you're doing... the opposite of that special treatment?

Whatever the case, it seems strange to me based on my own experiences.

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