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nobori wrote:


I purchased a D600 bundle from craigslist. An upgrade from my D5100 and I have few questions I would like to ask.

1. the shutter count has only 600 when I got it and given that he told me it was sent to Nikon (camera is one yr old) I have to assume it was replaced due to oil & dust. However when test out for oil & dust today, I already notice a spot (currectly @1000 shutter count). Is it normal? should I be worried?

2. thru the eyepiece, I can see a small "dirt" or "line" even without the lens on. Not sure how to describe it but my guess is on the sensor or mirror, although it doesn't show up on picture, I'm just wondering how I can clean that off.

3. any good suggestion for an eye piece for someone with glasses? I feel it this one leave some mark on my glasses, wasn't as noticeable with my d5100.


img of oil/dust

You might have a speck in the viewfinder,I wouldn't be to concerned about it . As far as eyepieces I went with this Nikon #2925,2362,2370 It's soft and folds flat to the body when not in use...

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