KEH Buying Spree

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Re: KEH Buying Spree

I've bought lenses, bodies and bellows from KEH and have been very happy with the price, claimed-quality, and service.

I'd never in a zillion years buy camera gear from some stranger on eBay. I don't trust the integrity of eBay's seller-rating system.

KEH tests and rates the gear and even offers a money-back return period.

I've never sold to KEH, but of course they pay you less than they can sell for.

It's a business, not a charity.

NOTE: B&H and Adorama do not charge sales tax when shipping to my state. KEH ships from Georgia and does charge sales tax when shipping to my state.

I asked KEH why and they said because Amazon owns KEH and there was some agreement between Amazon and the authorities over this issue. I think there are around 17 states for which they charge the sales tax.

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