Ergonomics: Fuji X-T1 Vs. Oly E-M1

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John Rausch
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Re: Ergonomics: Fuji X-T1 Vs. Oly E-M1

Rocky ID Olympian wrote:

I am using E-M5 and E-M1, and tried X-T1.

At first I thought it was cool, Fuji's approach of using dedicated dials. After I tried using the Fuji, I changed my mind though. The most annoying is I cannot change settings without taking my eyes off of EVF. Probably after X-T1 Fuji can refine the dial system and make people easier to change settings without having to take off our eyes off of EVF.

The 2 x 2 dial system in E-M1 is really a joy using it.

I also thought the X-T1 was "cool", but in practical use, it is clumsy. I like the Fuji images, lenses, weight and size, but the ergonomics disappoint. With the three latest X releases, X-T1 (mostly physical dials), X-M1 (PASM) and X-E2 (Shutter speed dial, aperture ring), there are three different interfaces! This is something I expect from Sony. I gave up on the X-T1 and sold it yesterday. I prefer the X-M1, but it has no viewfinder. So, I'm using an X-E2, which is a mixed up interface.

Coming from a Canon 5D III and many predecessors, the interface has been consistent for, I think, at least 20 years. It's hard to recall the exact A2E interface, but it was pretty much the same. With one hand I could set just about everything I needed for a given mode and shoot. But, my arm got tired, not to mention my neck, shoulders, back and more.

Another big downside to the mechanical dials is the inability to save any of the settings in a custom set. The custom settings saved on an X-T1 are pretty much useless. Try to imagine little motors spinning the dials.

A lot of people have said they like to see the settings with the camera off. This could easily be accommodated by changing a top LCD to an eInk display like that used on a Kindle.

I've been struggling to find a smaller bag of gear for the past few years. At first, I bought Sony NEX-7s (standard body and one for infrared) and several lenses. Images were nice, but terrible interface and Sony's lack of commitment to ANY system killed that off. So, I bought back in to Canon! Oh well, at least you don't lose much money when sell it. Now I'm in the Fuji camp and mildly pleased except for that interface thing they can't seem to settle. I'm afraid they are getting so much attention with the X-T1 that I'll never see another body without a bazillion physically marked dials. Maybe Oly is next.

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