Liberal Return Policies vs. "has my camera been used?": A way to Solve This

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Re: Seal vs. price

ne beginner wrote:

Thanks, that sounds like an interesting job!

I'm a musician and woodwind instrument repairer. Selling instruments was a relatively small part of that I stopped doing because actually it wasn't interesting at all... plus I am much better at explaning someone why they don't need to buy something than selling them something

New, as I have pointed out, does not mean untouched. It means not previously sold, opened, used for some period of time (as much as 30 days), returned, and then re-sold as new to an unsuspecting customer.

An item that is opened in the store, buy the dealer, to show someone, is not used. Ownership has not transferred, it has not left the dealers control, the warranty in intact. It may have been handled, but under supervision and care of the owner, the merchant.

The stores I buy from here let me use the camera (and another one) slightly at the store before I bought it. I put a lens on it, focused and clicked a few times. I didn't have to buy it after that. Someone else was checking one of the cameras when I entered the store and it was obvious the other one was checked before too. With lenses, the stores let me mount them on my camera and use it in the store and outside the store too.

I understand you don't mean this is the same as something that was bought and returned, but with a seal, how would a customer know? It would be just the same and very few if any would be willing to pay the full price for any item without the seal. So for a potential customer, e.g. a lens might look exactly the same whether it was used for a while or just looked at without even moutning it.

That leaves only the local full-service camera stores, which carry a broader assortment, who are most likely to break a seal in the store. So a broken seal means they either demo's the item, or it is a used return, right?


Now, an honest dealer would not sell a used item as new, even if he could make it appear as close as possible to "new" visually. An honest dealer would offer that up as an open box. Right? Not only dishonest, but probably against consume protection laws in many if not most US states.

If a dealer is honest about returns, by selling them as open box, could you not also consider that dealer to be honest when they tell you a seal on a lens was opened only in the store to show someone? In that case, the item is new, not an open box return.

So it all comes down to dealers being honest with their customers about the condition of the item they are selling.

Maybe, but if it became standard that there is a seal, my impression is that people would simply not pay the same price as they would for a new and sealed item. Maybe I would. Maybe some other people would too. But I think in general, by far most (if not almost everyone) wouldn't.

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