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not in HDMI

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I recently upgraded to a D800 but I was disappointed with the supplied usb cable. It doesn't look like any other usb cable I own. Nothing like the popular type for my D600, so it does cause inconvenience when transferring files from different bodies.

Am I missing something, or is there a reason for the dual plug usb??

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It is the USB3 standard that adds the other connector. This is not a Nikon specific connector

You can still use USB2 cables - just plug it into the smaller of the two connectors on the camera

USB3 has blue on the computer end inside plastic

I always thought the other connector on a D800 was an HDMI output port not a USB2 port.

Are you saying the HDMI port can be used for USB2 transfers using a USB2 cable, and have you actually used it in this way? As far as I know the HDMI port can only be used to connect to a display of some sort.

USB3 micro B has two connectors, - see far right below

one of them is a standard USB micro B connector and any micro B USB 2 cable will work when plugged into that half

so you can use any standard USB 2.0 micro B cable with the D800 by only using half of the USB3 connector

I hope that makes sense.

I too was puzzled by the D800 connectors but now that I have other USB 3 devices I see the logic behind what was done and can understand how it can be confusing.

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