NP-FW50 Weight - varies

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Re: NP-FW50 Weight - varies

Don't worry, the embossed look shows it is the new FW50 battery from Sony.

Watch this video from 4:10. Same battery as yours. As long as the rating is 1080mAh then you're fine:

Perhaps they have optimized the Li material so that not as much is needed or they save the weight by making the plastic thinner, or who knows. Good thing if it's still 1080mAh as you save a bit more weight while capacity remains and on top of that the camera is probably even more efficient than the NEX-6

EDIT: I can see from your pictures that the rating has gone from 1080 to 1020 mAh. No big deal I suppose, but I definitely don't think it is fake. If someone would make a fake than they would go with the light grey marking as that one is how the FW50 has always looked.

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