Recently found out how. Stunbled into the how.

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Recently found out how. Stunbled into the how.

Last month, I acquired a Dell Venue tablet with Win 8.1.

Purchased a keyboard and case from Amazon. It is Bluetooth which I have not used a lot.

The purpose of this little Gem, was for a graduation present to a Great Nephew who is going on to collage.

For the past few weeks I have been teaching myself Win 8.1. ( I will stick with Win7 for my use, thank you.) The big problem has been to establish the connection with the Bluetooth keyboard.

I followed the setup instruction to a "T" with absolutely no success. Many tries with the tablet in Metro mode using the APP. I even tried to install the keyboard via the old way in Desktop mode with control panel.

In both cases of trying to establish communication between the tablet and the keyboard, a "Pair" passcode number came up and with typing that number in, I got the message "wrong number and try again". The problem here was that  the number  would disappear and  not come up again. I managed to write this number down, but the program had timed out. I tried again, entered the written number, I got the same wrong number message.( you only have 5 sec. or so) Next I tried the "0000" and other combo's, all with the same result. Maybe 75-100 attempts over a couple of weeks. I was about ready to give up.

All these attempts were done on my computer desk with my  large desktop running so I could access a Win 8.1 tutorial.

Yesterday, all my desktop computer stuff was off, except for the wireless modem etc. (I was  taking a break from some housework)  so I grabbed the tablet/case/keyboard and tried again. As I have tried this so many times, I knew the procedure. I used "0000" as the "pair" passcode and it connected with no problem. Success after so many tries.

Now the only change was the fact that my large computer was off.

Anyone have a opinion as to why this has a effect on Bluetooth pairing?

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