Top 10 Reasons A6000 Won’t Earn Gold

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Re: Top 10 Reasons A6000 Won’t Earn Gold

Timothy S Broadley wrote:

KwhyChang wrote:

Seriously though:

Budget priced and spec shy when compared to NEX 7

No touch-screen

Out of camera jpgs not up to Fuji, Canon, Olympus

Video display shape (16:9) displays stills smaller than 4:3 or 3:2 LCDs

LCD difficult to see in direct sunlight

Lower spec EVF

AF performance in low light

Kit zoom needs to be better

WiFi / Smartphone apps not fully realized

Although better, user interface still needs improvement

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First part was pretty funny

1. OK...I was coming from a 5n and saw the opposite

2. No big deal to me so don't see as a diminshment

3. OK...Understand but personally I am not fond of canon JPGs and colors in general. To me Canon looks a little too much "digital" but then I like the weaker filters etc on the Sony which give it a little more film kind of look.

4. OK but irrelevant as far as I am concerned

5. I have the a99 which has the hi res EVF and so far I am finding the A6000 to be alittle more natural and less harsh which gives it the nod in my opinion

6. It may not be my a99 but all cameras suffer some degradation in low light AF performance. Right now subject to more use, not seeing it as a "-"

7. Nothing to do with the camera/and or sensor

8. True..after fooling around with them, it could be easier and more intuitive

9. I am neutral on this presently and you could very well be right. Then again I am coming from a 5n so I think that I will find it much more intuitive especially since it is much closer to my a99 than the 5n was.

One thing that I think is a real plus is the flexibility inherent to the 6000. You can configure about as many ways as possible from a very simple p&S to a very complex setup. This is, again, more akin to my a99. To me this a very desirable feature as , on occasion, I want the camera to do my thinking whereas other I want maximum control. 3 memory banks, auto ISO in manual, configurable buttons, Ps and Pa shift are just some of the examples.

To me the big minuses at the moment, are in the lenses lineup in the fact there are no good primes greater than 50mm. The other thing WRT to lenses is that to take advantage of the really good AF-C mode, one needs lenses than are configured for that and that means e-mount and that is lacking especially for fast lenses better than 50mm.

I don't shot JPG much of the time although I will admit that the JPG output in my a99 and with the 5n was considerably improved. This has made me go to more RAW+JPG and I suspect that will be true of the 6000. I can see if SOOC stuff is what you consider important then this would be a"-". For me it is not

Good points in response.

I had planned on getting one to go along with A7. May still do so. I'm interested in how a speed booster might work with it.

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