no point in buying a mirrorless camera

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Re: no point in buying a mirrorless camera

I'm in the process of evaluating a Sony 16-70mm lens I had bought against the undervalued 16-50 kit lens.  I had bought the 16-70 because I was unhappy with the edge and corner sharpness of the kit lens on a recent vacation.  I'm about a third of the way through looking at several hundred images I photographed of a large building and a large bookcase.  At 16mm and 24mm, and apertures from wide open to f8, the 16-50 is as good as if not better than the 16-70.  The 16-50 seems better in the corners, equal in the center and edges.  For some reason I can't post the images to my gallery, but here are a couple of OOC jpeg images at 16mm and f4.

16-70 at 16mm and f4

16-50 at 16mm and f4

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