Battery re-charging problems in Spain

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Re: Battery re-charging problems in Spain

merops wrote:

As plenty of respondents have said, it's an energy saving (which also = cost-saving for the hotel).

I hesitate to point this out as I think it's not a bad thing to stop people from leaving the airco/lights running when they're not there, but the ones I have come across do not read the security card. Anything that fits in the slot that will block a light beam (eg a piece of cardboard) will work.

Some of the hotels I stay at in Asia have key cards with a hole punched in them that works as a secondary power enabler. A card from another hotel, or something else of similar size won't work, unless the person wants to fiddle around with hole-experimenting.

I was in Jakarta at the Hotel Mulia this week and they used this system. One can always ask for a second key card and leave it in the reader, but this defeats the energy conservation initiatives.

I've lived in Asia for 13 years and travel a lot, mostly in this region, I can't speak for experiences in other regions.


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