Part 2. A6000 AF burst tracking more info.

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Part 2. A6000 AF burst tracking more info.

While many of you remember my Part 1 thread: now Victor (VBL) has come up with part 2 of his testing that can be found here: It is very interesting read and eye opener for some.

Most of replies for my previous thread (except rude ones that I ignore) were focusing on OP saying he was not using AF a lot. Well here's his answer and I quote:

"I made few initial AF tests in one of my previous posts - and I promised to make more tests to see if I can come to some conclusion...

Meanwhile I saw and received few rude and disrespectful comments, mainly from anonymous people who probably misunderstood my original intention.

But let me try to explain once more, what and why I am trying to find out...

- I don't care about Sony, Nikon, Canon or other producers. I paid for my equipment full price and I have no sentiment or any kind of relation to any of the camera or lens producer. In other words, in this A6000 AF posts, I have no other agenda than trying to see, what new AF system is really capable of, and what settings would work better in different situations.

- I am working in advertising all my life, and I know the power of the advertising campaign. Is it fair? No. Can I change the world of advertising? No. Can I try to add a bit of objectivity to balance those powerful claims, if I see the opportunity? I hope so.

- When I wrote that I am not frequent AF user, it doesn't mean that I don't know how to use it. Reason why I am not using it often, is that I shot MF lenses mostly, and my main subjects are products and studio-portraits. That is part of my paid work. My hobby is landscape and little bit of the street style. None of those require AF.

- I am not attracted by BIF, but it doesn't mean that I can't shot them. If you want to see few of my sharp photos of BIF you can check this small set - here. I can hardly differ between pigeon and seagull, though.

If you want to challenge my AF skills more, few Airshow shots are - here and few action shots are - here.

But than again, there are situations, where AF will be of little use and I find myself more often in those situations.

- Finally - I wrote at the very beginning of my little blog adventure, that English is not my first, not even second language. I am well aware of the fact, that my posts are full of mistakes, but I still believe that most of it, could be properly interpreted.

I had to make this self promoting introduction, because most of the rude comments that I saw or received, related to my original post, were referring to my absolute incompetence to use AF or test equipment. Sure. Keep shooting your back yard wildlife and look somewhere else please.

Apologize to those, who added something constructive in their comments, offered to participate in further testing and in general, treat Internet as a place for discussion and not arguing fan-boys arena.

Following post is only for you :-)"

So WHY am I doing this? Why am I posting so many threads (just 2 really, which is still a lot less than some fanboys post here for reasons like color of stripe or lens bag, Gee). Again quote from Victor's blog answer my intentions pretty well: "Many people bought and plan/will buy this camera because of the promoted super fast AF. They will probably switch the camera to iAUTO and try to shot their running kids, dogs or BIF. They might be successful, but doing similar settings to the scene "sport" mode in my previous post, I was disappointed with results." In addition, I am like many others reading DPR on a fence on buying either A6000, A7 or else. So naturally I'm trying to gather all the info I can get concerning AF performance and weak points and ANY issues there are that I (and thousands of readers in the same boat) need to be aware of before I buy camera (a 3rd NEX for me mind you). In addition, I'm not the only one in this quest for "truth" and caveats that we NEED to know, a respectable user jpr2 has created similar thread in order to find out same problem that I'm looking into:

Basically things are starting to clear up a bit, but will still require a lot of tests and info to be gathered and analyzed. I promise I will post Part 3 - when (and if) we will have final consensus regarding burst mode and AF tracking for A6000 and what lenses are best for it and what lenses to avoid.

Again, for those of you who know all this or are experienced users - you can probably figure all this yourself and find best settings and I'm sure many of you have excellent BIF skills and whatnot - then skip this thread, it's not for you, but feel free to share knowledge and comment (just no bashing like in Part 1). It's mostly for thousands of folks who are reading DPR and are trying to get to the bottom of this aspect (IMHO most important one - since fast AF is main selling point of A6000) before they spent hundreds of dollars on gear, so that they will know what are they buying and will make best appropriate choice.

Sony a6000 Sony Alpha a7
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