Poll - Would you buy a Fuji short telephoto prime lens?

Started May 11, 2014 | Polls thread
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Poll - Would you buy a Fuji short telephoto prime lens?


There have been many threads touching on telephoto primes versus the 55-200mm zoom but I don't think there's been a poll.  My apologies if I am indeed duplicating an earlier poll.

It has been said quite often that Fuji users would like a short prime telephoto.  There seem to be two camps.  Firstly those in the 85/2 - 100/2.8 camp seeking a small sharp general purpose lens to add some very portable reach beyond the 55mm of the 18-55 zoom, and secondly those in 85/1.4 - 100/1.8 camp seeking a fast longer lens for portraits, subject isolation and bokeh.  Neither type of lens is currently made or on the road-map, and there have been many posts discussing and recommending manual focus legacy lenses.

I don't want to debate uses or preferences here.  I'd just like to see the extent of support for either.  It seems to come up often enough. - Perhaps, in time, Fuji will respond if there's support.....


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I would buy a small, light, telephoto lens in the range of 85/2 to 100/2.8, designed for portability, sharpness, close focusing (if not actually macro) and filter size of 58mm.
49.0% 70  votes
I would buy a telephoto prime in the range of 85/1.4 to 100/1.8-ish, designed for portraiture, subject isolation, bokeh, etc and size no object.
32.9% 47  votes
I'm not interested in either - I only own or will only buy one of the telephoto zooms.
18.2% 26  votes
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