Have Nikon D40 w/kit lens...what next?

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Re: lenses to consider

i bought the tokina 11-16 a few years ago (got the one which doesn't focus on my D40, because it was the only one available). i had to decide between the tokina and the siggy 10-20. i thought the build quality of the tokina to be much better and liked the fact that it is a constant f/2.8.

if the 12-28 would have existed back then, i'd probably would have chosen that one. i hardly ever use the 11-16 at f/2.8, so i know i could live with the fact that the 12-28 is a stop slower. i also noticed quite quickly that i didn't go 11mm wide that often as i'd expected, 12mm is still wide enough for me. tokinas are build like a brick, no worries there (unless you're put off by the size and the weight).

a friend of mine has a siggy 8-16 and likes it very much. he does great stuff at 8mm, so if you're an extreme wide angle shooter you really should have a look at it.

i also have a nikon 17-55. while iq is excellent, it's a big and heavy lens with unacceptable distortion at 17mm for a lens with that prize tag. luckily i got mine cheap secondhand, but if you're buying new you might consider a tamron 17-50 or a sigma 17-50. that said, you've got the kit lens covering that range so i wouldn't bother getting a replacement.

mgd43 suggested a wide angle zoom lens and the nikon 70-300. i think that's sound advice. you could also consider a (travel) tripod, a remote control and some ND filters for long exposure photography, if find them fun to do. a polarizer could be useful as well.

anyway, i wouldn't spend my whole budget right now. i'd save a few pennies to get myself a newer cam (D5300 or D7000/D7100) in the near future, if i decided to commit myself to a nikon system.


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