So, Steve Huff is not buying a Leica T

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Re: So, Steve Huff is not buying a Leica T

Daedalus2000 wrote:

jimboyvr wrote:

meagre offerings wrote:

with threads like this one, this forum will slowly morph into the likes of the fuji, canon and the nikon dslr forums.



Let's hope so; Leica has been the habitat of the rich for too long.

Yes, rich in genuine interest about photography, rich in creativity, rich in skill (some at least), rich in kindness, etc etc

All of the above come from the person, not from the camera they hold, but that is what you will find here... Whoever will stick around after the Leica T storm will see that.


How about just plain "rich"?

I don't understand why "rich" is so wrong and people have to apologize for being "rich" and to be tarred and feathered by clowns like you for being able to afford their passions.  If you can't afford a Leica, get off your duff and do something about it.  And if you can't, get used to the fact that you can't afford some things in life.   President Obama ain't gonna gift you Leicas (if you're in the US).  Though I'm sure he's trying.   And if you don't understand that "rich" is a state of mind, then find some place on the planet that still believes in Communism and see how that suits you.

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