Lightroom 5 & A7r bug.

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Re: Lightroom 5 & A7r bug.

seachicken2000 wrote:

johtuomi wrote:

Sad lightroom5, the same sync bug as with the Leica X1 / LR3 few years ago. If you are using shadow - hihglight, it does not sync pictures right. Capture One works, fine.

Hi, I just did this:

  1. Highlights +50, Shadows +50 on one image
  2. Select the adjusted image and another image in the Library module
  3. Sync settings (with Basic Tone->Highlights, and Basic Tone->Shadows checked)

The highlight/shadow settings were synced correctly. This is with Lightroom 5.4 (OS X, fully updated), and an A7r image (RAW converted to DNG on import).

So it seems to work fine for me, unless I am misunderstanding your problem.


and it's not problem with same kind of picture, only if I shoot panorama and there are darker parrts in image what cover most of the image (sorry my english : ) but see my examble. Capture one did those right lightroom dont.

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