So, Steve Huff is not buying a Leica T

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quadraticadder Regular Member • Posts: 388
He is buying a T.

Yes, rich in genuine interest about photography, rich in creativity, rich in skill (some at least), rich in kindness, etc etc

All of the above come from the person, not from the camera they hold, but that is what you will find here... Whoever will stick around after the Leica T storm will see that.

I just read on his page that Steve Huff definitely bought a T. Its in the same article where he states that Leica did not tell him that they rely on optical correction alone.  Not that it matters to me whether he bought one. I appreciate his reviews and enthusiasm for photography no matter what camera he uses or owns. I always read his site.

I have never seen the remotest hint of rich snobbery in this forum. The Leica owners on this forum are anything but snobby.  They are as you said, genuinely interested in photography, etc.



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