OMD with more MP?

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Re: all your megapixels are fake

Anders W wrote:

Great Bustard wrote:

Alex Notpro wrote:

Are you fully considering "information content" of each pixel? Is there an additional layer of information interpolation lurking in there?

There's spatial information and color information. From what I've seen, the 2x approximation for Bayer vs Foveon seems about right. For example, that means that the current 15 MP Foveon sensors should resolve as well, on average, as current 36 MP Bayer sensors, lens permitting, of course.

Should perhaps, but do they? Here are a set of crops from (aka Lenstip when translated to English) showing the 36 MP Bayer D800 versus all three 15 MP Foveon Sigma DP Merrills. The images were processed (by from RAW by means of DCRAW (no sharpening, no NR). The crops from the Merrills were upsampled (by me) in PSE 2.0 to roughly the same size as that from the D800. Does it really look like even-steven resolution-wise to you?

Note: Click on the image to view it properly.

This is a very interesting comparison. There is a significant amount of detail in the D800 photo absent in the DPM photos, which is very curious.

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