D4 or D800E for birds?

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Re: D4 or D800E for birds?

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You may very well be correct. I do think my D800E is better than my previous (1st generation) D800 but could still be better, after having tried the new D4s. Having said that, I would love my D800E to have the same AF as the new D4s and I'd happily pay a premium for it. In fact, I don't see why we can't opt to pay for performance upgrades like a modular system because apparently, the AF module is the same for all of them, just that they use different algorithms. I'd be happy yo ay for an algorithm upgrade.

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You would think an algorithm change could be dealt with in a firmware update? Not that i am very up with it when it comes to such technical software things.

I have not read of this rumored D800S? How likely is it, and when was the rumor saying that it could be a possiblity? I am looking to purchase within the next 1-2 months. I could wait a little bit longer but if this rumor turns into one like the D400, I will certainly NOT wait

I made mention of D4S in the second reply in this thread. Google NikonRumors and D4S. 50% chance, D4S AF, 6 fps with grip. ++. Think it could replace all my bodies

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From NikonRumors

D800S ( my next camera )

Here is the first set of rumored specifications for the Nikon D800s DSLR camera:

  • No low pass (AA) filter (just like the D800E)
  • Improved software to suppress moiré
  • Expeed 4 imaging processor
  • sRAW
  • Same AF improvements like in the D4s
  • Improved low light capabilities
  • 5 fps (6fps with the MB-D12)
  • Price between D800 and D800E - probably around $3000
  • No firm announcement date yet - my guess is Photokina (September 2014) or CES (January 2015)

It is still too early to mark those rumored D800s specifications with anything above 50% probability. Hopefully I will receive some additional information in the upcoming weeks.

Read it on NikonRumors.com: http://nikonrumors.com/2014/03/25/rumors-nikon-d800s-camera-preliminary-specifications.aspx/#ixzz31MyVsdnw

D300s replacement

A very significant news for everyone that is waiting for D300s replacement: Nikon is preparing to launch a new D9300 camera. This is all I got for now - just a model name. The body will most likely be DX and will obviously be placed above the D7xxx line (Nikon has probably decided to keep the Dxxx line for full frame cameras and Dxxxx for DX bodies). Why D9300 and not just D9000? I guess to match the version of the D3300 and D5300. This could well be the D400 many readers have been waiting for a long time. This is the first time I have heard something reliable on a high-end DX body.

Read it on NikonRumors.com: http://nikonrumors.com/2014/04/02/breaking-nikon-d9300-dslr-camera-on-the-horizon.aspx/#ixzz31Myn7ql7

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