Nikon D800 RAW VS DNG Quality

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Re: Uncompressed vs Lossless Compressed

bakhtyar kurdi wrote:

BartyLobethal wrote:

Sounds like you're shooting uncompressed RAW. DNG is a lossless compressed format that will produce file sizes that vary according to the amount of detail / data in a given scene. Lossless compressed files (in principle) can be decompressed with no loss of data. It is possible that some Nikon-specific metadata is lost.

Compare the DNG file sizes that result from conversion from uncompressed RAW to the output from your camera using Nikon's lossless compressed option. They should be nearly the same for a given image.

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Thanks, yes I was shooting uncompressed, lossless compressed will be very close to that size

I didn't expect DNG to be compressed. .

I got the answer now.

Thanks again

And if I were you I would switch your camera to use lossless compressed as well.  There is absolutely no reason for you to be saving images as uncompressed.

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