Quattro vs. 39 MP CFA

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Quattro vs. 39 MP CFA

I believe the Quattro will produce photos as sharp as these:


Sigma states their highest resolution mode in the DP2 Quattro as 7,680×5,120. The Pentax 645D produces images that are 7,264x5,440. The Hasselblad H5D40 has a sensor that is stated as 5478 x 7304. Those calculate to 39,321,600 and 39,516,160 and 40,011,312 total pixels, respectively. Those are very close! I look forward to a comparison of them. What I look forward to even more though, is a comparison of the Quattro vs. a Hasselblad H3D-39, which produces images that are 5412 x 7212 (39,031,344 pixels total - less than the Quattro). While that camera is no longer available, the fact that it could only do 50, 100, 200, and 400 ISO and may not have any greater dynamic range, with a similar ability to capture the detail of a scene, is quite intriguing to me. The DP Quattro cameras will probably perform as fast or faster, weigh less than just a lens for the Hasselblad, and cost much much less than even an old used lens for one of those monster medium format cameras.

I can't afford a good medium format camera. I'll be lucky to afford a DP2 Quattro, so I guess it doesn't really make much difference if the Quattro can perform as well as a medium format camera. The fact is though, I would LOVE to have the ability to capture detail that those monsters capture. I've seen gigantic prints from 21 Megapixel Canons, and those look specatacular. But there is no denying that the 39 MP and 40 MP Hasselblads and Pentax medium format cameras are capable of a whole other level of imagery. From the review of the Pentax 645 D at Imaging-resource.com, you can see it is capable of capturing incredible detail. http://www.imaging-resource.com/PRODS/645D/645DA.HTM

I'm used to comparing the test photos there. For those of you who are not, try the image comparison tool here at DPR:


Make sure you click the little globe of the Earth, just above and to the left of middle. Reading the names on that globe is one of the ways I compare cameras. I also like to look at the spools of thread in the box down the bottom.

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