Dynamic-Area AF vs Group Area AF

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Re: Dynamic-Area AF vs Group Area AF

ngtszhodavid wrote:

For D4S, under AF-C.

Is my understanding on the below correct:

(I read the manual but it wasn't that clear to me)

For Dynamic-Area AF (9/21/51 pts), basically I need to lock on the subject to focus FIRST at the center point, then in case the subject moves and leaves the corresponding other points would 'assist' in the focus accordingly (in reference to where the initial middle box focus is pointed at), so key is to get initial focus point right initially.


For Group Area AF, the 5 squares basically acts as potential focus points and once I press the shutter, the camera will then pick 1 of the focus squares as the only focus, hence increases likelihood of getting the 'initial' focus point right (though subsequently no 'assist focus points' like the above).

That's correct right?

yes, that's correct!

(on a side note i read in the link below that for Group Area focus it tends to focuse on the closest object within the area defined by the 5 brackets in the focus group http://www.naturalart.ca/voice/blog.html ))

I've seen that is true in my use of the D4s as well.

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