In praise of the V3

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The V3's battery ...

Denny Smith 16 wrote:

Actually, the V2 and V3 use the same battery. The V3 came with an updated "b" version with slightly higher amp. Rating to get the minimum 300+ shots. The V1 has the same battery as the D7000/7100 and D800. Since I have the V1 and 7100 this was handy, as I could share a "spare" battery between the two systems.

No, this isn't correct but you're getting pretty close. You're right about the V1's EN-EL15 battery but the V2 uses Nikon's EN-EL21. The V3 uses a different battery, the EN-EL20a and it is also compatible with the EN-EL20 that's used by the J1, J2, J3, S1 and AW1.

The main problem with cameras that use a unique battery is that the price is usually very high and it may be in very short supply for many months, and during those months inexpensive compatible versions from other brands won't be available. This isn't true for the V3 since it can use the slightly lower capacity EN-EL20 which can be bought for as little as $5. The popular Wasabi version costs $26 for two and at that price also includes a charger. Nikon's EN-EL20a costs $49.95 and isn't yet available from Amazon or B&H. Adorama doesn't show that it's not in stock (although that's still a possibility) and they're selling it for the same $49.95 price.

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