How to Evaluate a New Lens? (Sort of Disappointed with the 16-70)

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Re: How to Evaluate a New Lens? (Sort of Disappointed with the 16-70)

I have been looking at the results of the 16-50mm for quite some time and came to the conclusion that it is a good performing cheap lens warts and all.  Will it stand up to a 50mm f1.8... no.  But it does well against zooms in similar focal ranges.  The 16-70mm is a nice lens but WAY overpriced (that little blue sticker) with its own warts.  This is actually VERY common even if you get into Nikon or Canon.  It is VERY hard to balance a WA zoom lens so it performs well at all FL wide open.

I think the constant aperture and extra reach of the Zeiss are both valuable.  You will have to decide if its worth the $$$.  The kit lens is also a most valuable player when you are going for a hike and photography is not the main objective.  A A6000 in a belt pouch with the 16-50mm attached is a nice option.  If you are a prime junky the 35mm may work better for you, but I like the zoom and have been shooting them for a long time.

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