Canada: A6000 $550 18-105 $550

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Re: Canada: A6000 $550 18-105 $550

forpetessake wrote:

123Mike wrote:

18-105 continues to be $550.

A6000's discount reduced from $100 to $70 - still possibly the best deal on the planet!

I'm afraid their site malfunctions. What comes out of it is unclear. It does show $70 discount, but if you add it to the shopping cart it shows $100 discount. But then a confirmation email came and ...

Sony a6000 (Alpha 6000) ILCE-6000 24.3 MP DSLR Body Only/No lens included $649.99 1 $649.99

Congratulations! You have qualified for savings with your Hot Deals purchase! - $200.00

Congratulations! You have qualified for $25 savings with your online purchase. - $25.00

And finally:

  • Prices and Promotional Offers are subject to error and change or cancellation without notice. Promotional Offers are time limited and cannot be combined unless otherwise specifically advertised as combinable. Please see Dell's advertisements for full Promotional Offer details

I got essentially the same message, although mine deducted only $100 for the A6000, still a good deal.  It also says "It [the order] is being reviewed," whatever that means, and I still don't have an order number yet.  I am not in Canada but the US, and I tried twice to pay with Paypal and got the same message as Mike, then changed to a credit card, which went through but I haven't been charged yet.

Did you receive an order number?


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