Couple of thoughts on the A6000 + Zeiss E 16-70

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Re: Couple of thoughts on the A6000 + Zeiss E 16-70

1prime wrote:

LBJ2 wrote:

aap292 wrote:

Pretty sure there's another eye cup with a larger rubber part that you can use with the a6000 if that's what you're after.

Hello: Yes. Thanks to le_alain's recent post on this topic I ordered the Nikon DK-19 eyecup from for my A7r--not sure if this will fit the A6000 but will certainly give it a try.

Thank you LBJ2. Here's the site for le_alain's Nikon eyecups:

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Now looking more closely at the round fitting bewtween the A7r's body and the rubber cup, it looks in the pic below that it will be a questionable fit for the A6k. But it should be worth a try. Make a thread when you determine its success.

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