How to Evaluate a New Lens? (Sort of Disappointed with the 16-70)

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Re: How to Evaluate a New Lens? (Sort of Disappointed with the 16-70)

Yup to above, shoot a target throughout the range and you will discover exactly where it is sharp and not and where the sweet spots are. I use one I bought years ago from EDMUND SCIENTIFIC or print your own.

What I am seeing more than not is about 80-85 lp/mm average with zoom lenses on the A6000 but IMO the A6000 will top out at about 100-106 lp/mm or a tad more but I dont have a lens that I am 100% confident will get me beyond that number if possible.

For comparison the 5n topped out at 76 lp/mm with my sharpest lenses, Contax 50mm F1.4, F1.7 and Pentax 50mm F4 macro.

IE You need a really good good lens to max out the A6000 if that is what you are using.

I just tested my 16-50 kit lens on my A6000 and this is what I got.

SONY 16-50MM LENS all in lp/mm

at 16MM

F3.5 89 56 50
F4 89 56 50
F5.6 89 56 50
F8 100 71 50
F9 100 71 63
F10 89 80 71
F11 89 80 71

at 50MM

F5.6 92 -- --
F6.3 92 -- 92
F8 92 -- 92

Compared to the....

PETRI 50MM f1.8 CC M42 lens

F1.8 99 88 79
F2 - - -
F2.8 99 88 99
F4 99 99 99
F5.6 99 99 99

BUT you also have to shoot  a lens in different conditions to see how it performs in real life.

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