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Re: Bird thread - with Canon FF camera's

Very nice Kenny!  I've been waiting for the Tamron now for about 1 1/2 months, no idea when it will be available.

I like your images - I'm presuming these are full frame with little cropping?  As you know with a full frame camera, you are disadvantaged somewhat with reach.  I've been shooting with the 5DIII (coming from the 7D) and using the 300mm f/4 with a 1.4 TC.  It is really not enough, even when shooting larger birds.

One thing you may enjoy doing is try shooting some larger birds, especially in-flight, for practice.  It is very hard to do this with the smaller ones.  Anyway what I do is always use AI Servo when shooting, usually center point expanded (sometimes zone), and I also use  back button focusing.  I shoot aperture priority and adjust  ISO so that I get a decent shutter speed, especially for BIF (at least 1/1600).  Recently I tried shooting smaller perched birds at my feeder in the backyard, after taping some branches to the feeder to act as perches.  In order to get close enough, I used my car parked in the drive, acting as a hide, as close to the feeder as possible and shot out the window!  These are all slightly cropped, but they still have a lot of detail.  Here are a few of mine from the feeder, plus a few BIF.



Carolina Wren

Carolina Chickadee

Tufted Titmouse

Black Vulture

Juvenile Bald Eagle

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