D600 with 24-70 right focus issue

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Re: D600 with 24-70 right focus issue

DavidChell wrote:

Thanks Norm, here's the same test with my 70-200 F4.

BTW the left and right shots are right and left focus points respectively.

Which leads me to believe that it's largely an issue with the 24-70.

I will be sending it in for repair since it's within the warranty period and I do alot of photographing of family events (mine and others).

Shame tho, it's my daughter's 21st coming up next weekend and I don't want to risk it not being returned in time so I'll have to wait until after that.

To properly compare the 24-70 to the 70-200 you need to shoot them both at the same aperture and same focal length.

Next you need to insure that the test target is parallel to the sensor. You can easily do this with a small mirror. Have someone hold the mirror against the target so the mirror is flat against the target. Move the camera so that the reflection of the center of the lens in the mirror lines up with the center focus point in the camera.

To use the right and left focus points, move the target along the wall, or use a large enough target (or multiple targets) to cover all focus points being tested.

Panning the tripod throws the test off because the camera is no longer square to the target.

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