Everyday things series - Flowers

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Everyday things series - Flowers

This is the everyday things series - where I periodically start a thread dedicated to a specific theme of those ordinary mundane things that somehow still manage to attract our eyes...

Even though these objects and the resulting photos aren't going to win us any competitions, and sometimes people look at us funny for photographing them... we still have some of these photos in our libraries.

The first thread - Everyday things series - fire hydrants - is still open and accumulating photos.

The second thread in the series is for doors and doorways (and yes, maybe door knockers, door handles, etc).

And now the third in the series: Flowers - old, new - in nature or a few from the florist.

With spring in the northern hemisphere slowly underway... many flowers are not yet in full bloom. So let's cheer the place up with some of the many flower photos buried way in our files!

You know you've photographed 'em... and they've been languishing in your photo library... old or new, doesn't matter.
... so dig em out (give 'em a little PP freshening if you want), dust 'em off and lets see some doors and doorways!

So many to choose from! Here's a bunch to get us started:

From my garden in Nova Scotia

Also a Nova Scotia photo

Powers Court, Ireland

Thistle in flower, NS

One of many many many tulips in the archive...

A very tiny blue flower

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