D300 filename sequencing

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Re: D300 filename sequencing

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The camera never changes the prefix automatically. The camera just rolls over the number back to 0000 after 9999 and keeps going with the same prefix.

For this reason, I have my files automatically renamed when I import them into Lightroom. The new filesnames have a date-time code in them with the filenumber on the end which makes them always easy to sort into chronological order by filename forever, no matter how many times the file number rolls over. Keeping the camera file number on the end makes resolves issues when shooting at max fps and the time/date stamp of two images is actually the same (due to a lack of precision in the exif time stamp).

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But internally, at least for NEF files, the date/time is kept down to the millisecond. That is why when you sort the files in a folder, they are in the proper sequence.

Do you have any supporting info on that? How would I see this millisecond info? Does Lightroom know about it?

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I can see them in Corel's AfterShot Pro, so I guess it gets the information from the file. And a file listing also shows them in correct sequence, say in a Windows folder. So the info must be there.

Actually, when you look at the field in AfterShot, it show it with seconds: when I hover the mouse over that field, milliseconds are displayed.  I am sure there must be something similar in Lightroom, but Lightroom does not run on Linux, so I can't check

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