Couple of thoughts on the A6000 + Zeiss E 16-70

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Re: Couple of thoughts on the A6000 + Zeiss E 16-70

Ynos wrote:

FE 24-70 works well on the A6000 and Steady Shot is enabled. I need to do some more pixel peeping but I think I am seeing better corner performance with this lens and the A6000 sensor.

Compared to A7R with FE24-70 or compared to A6000 with 16-70?

DT 55-300 with the Sony LAE 4 A adapter worked well with the A6000 too. The DT ( APS-C crop factor up to 450mm) is a front focus lens and can itself be slow at times but once the lens is parked the A6000's continuous shutter speed does not disappoint.

how do you find 2 AF systems compare to each other? I mean A6000's native AF and LA-EA2 AF (PDAF)?

Hello:  I think I see better corner performance at 24mm FL with the FE 24-70 on the A6000 APS-C sensor as opposed to the FE 24-70 at 24mm on the A7r FF sensor.

The LAE 4 A PDAF PDAF performs well ( I am using so far using with both the Tamron 90mm macro and the DT55-300 on my Emount cameras).  The A6000 for me is lightning fast!

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