Quick run down of the Ape Case slingshot bag ACPRO1700

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Quick run down of the Ape Case slingshot bag ACPRO1700

Front view, or back view, depending on the point of view.There is a pocket under that brand logo which I store both spare camera battery and 16 AA, card reader, gray card and garbage bag(another rain cover).

side view, this side for strapping small tripod or monopod.

another side view. The camera compartment.

the back of the bag with zip to open and reorganize the bag.


I brought this bag from Amazon over a year ago(in March 2013) for about $60+tax. Now it's on Amazon for about $75. Prior to using this bag, I have been using either a Lowepro CompuTrekker AW or Lowepro Nova 3 AW. The problem as you can see is they are either too small or too large in normal shoot. So, I went for a quest of a new camera bag:-) (a never-ending problem that no photographer ever solved) First, I identify the problem I have with both bags, and try to get a list of what I want in a bag and/or compromises. I think you should do this prior to buying a bag, this make your decision little easier when combing through the list of features and user reviews. Once you start reading review of product, then start modifying what you see in the review as what else you are looking for but missed or never thought of feature. The Nova 3 I have used it since I retired Crumpler 15 Love which I used it with Canon EOS 20D and EF-S lens. While I very like the Crumpler, the FF body won't fit in there. The Nova 3 can fit my 5D mark II with 24-105mm f/4L attached, a 580EX II, a few primes and some other accessories like batteries, flash card, card reader and etc. On the other hand, the CompuTrekker is very roomy. I can fit a few flashes, big long lens and plenty of primes. The downside of that is, it get heavy very quickly and after a long term usage, I start seeing the seam on the shoulder strap start to worn out even when I don't use it weekly. What I like about both of them are the fact that that do have rain-cover. So I start searching the bag from there.

Slingback showdown:

After I start making a list, I end up looking for a slingback bag around $100 or less. I know I want plenty of padding and rain-cover(this may sound stupid and I don't go out and shoot in the rain nor it rain often, it's something I rather have and not needed than don't have when needed, even when I have extra large garbage bag folded and keep inside the camera bag anyway). I want a sling because I already got a backpack and a shoulder bag. So, a sling would be a balance between the two. After doing some research, I narrow down to this one and the Lowepro SlingShot 202 AW. There weren't a lot of review for the Ape Case bag, but I ended up choosing it because I can see it fit my usage better. In the end, that's what it's all about, what is a positive point for one user may not or even be a negative point for you. For example, I read that the main compartment for the Lowepro open sideway all the way, while it make a lot of sense for people who want to use it as sling all the time, opening and closing, putting the camera in-and-out quickly that make perfect sense. But for me, I don't intend to use it that way. If the camera is in my hand, it generally in my hand until I pretty much done with the shoot. So, the fact that the Ape Case doesn't open all the way and only expose the camera and it's harder to take it out of the bag from that side isn't a big issue for me.

side way view, the zip is open with small bag inside to put the tripod feet in.

The bag out in the open, the bag is very small, not gonna fit most tripod feet.

the top section has a place to strap the tripod. (not in picture)

This sling bag have a secondary strap and can hook to the main strap and secure it, yet if not use you can hide in that little opening.

rain-cover pull out from the back side near the bottom.

The main piece of the strap, the click part is plastic, this worry me at first, but after a year of using this is not a problem at least for me.

dual zip opening for the camera compartment.

camera compartment with zip opened. dSLR w/o vertical grip may fit better. Memery card pocket on the inner side of the opening.

some people say it may cause damage to the camera back LCD, hasn't yet been a problem for me, but a fair caution as you can sneak the memory cards and fit elsewhere.

top compartment, I put second body with no lens and small cleaning material.

back side, when open you can fit bunch of stuff. I argue it's easier to (re)organize than other slingback bag.Top left: Canon 70-300mm f/4-5.6L IS USMBottom left: Sigma 12-24mmBottom Right: Canon 580EX II

One of the reason I choose this bag is because how it's open and organize. Zip open from the back, and full open view. Most slick aren't like this. I like how it's open from the back, which when you wear it like a backpack, it's harder for other people to open and steal stuff from you.

With flash taken out, I made another compartment in between the camera.

I hide 2 prime lens underneath. Canon 40mm f/2.8 STM (pancake) and Canon 85mm f/1.8The second body can be stowed underneath the 2 zoom lens and open from the top compartment.

Let me make it clear, the internal part of the bag is pretty much empty and you can arrange it anyway it fit your need. This is one big reason I didn't go with the other bag, most other sling would have two separate compartment, top and bottom.

All the big stuff that fit in the main compartment. As you can see the divider can be move around.All the lens mention earlier and two full size bodies(with vertical grip), while one being with a walk-around lens attached.

Another point that other people have made and I brought it is the fact that the divider is yellow(color) instead of black or gray make it a lot easier to see your stuff at night.

This thing is well padded all sides, the shoulder strap seam at the top haven't look worn off after a year of use is a good sign. Overall this is a keeper bag for me. It fir stuff that I can grab and shoot in most situation. I can imagine people can swap out the 12-24mm lens and put in 100mm macro instead. But be warn though, the 70-300mm L lens I put in this bag is smaller than the normal workhorse 70-200mm lens, especially the f/2.8 IS II lens. The 70-300mm is 5.6 inches in length while 70-200mm is 7.8 inches long. This mean it won't fit the same way I put in this bag, It also mean, you have to sacrifice two lens spaces to fit that lens in. I only mention that because it's the lens most people favor vs 70-300mm lens.

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