Sony A6000 L-Plate?

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I hope you will report on this when it comes.  It looks like it is going to cover the battery door for sure but that is no big deal for me.  I'm more concerned on how it interacts/interferes with movement of the rear LCD.  I'm also concerned about the ability to attach an LA-EA21 with this particular L-bracket in place.


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Does anyone here know of any company that will make an L-Plate for the A6000? I contacted RRS, but they said they're thinking about it. They're not sure they'll make a plate for this camera. It's a shame if they don't considering they made plates for the NEX 6 and 7. So if you guys want RRS to make a plate, please contact them and let them know that you want one. In the mean time, does anyone here know of any other company that will make a plate for the A6000?

Same issue with me. My NEX-6 L-Bracket didn't fit the a6000 and RRS told me the same thing via email, so I found this on eBay and ordered. Should arrive any day and I think it will work just fine:

I think it will be ok. If u notice, it has a sliding bolt which should allow you to slide the plate away from the battery door.....just like in the photo with the NEX-6 attached.

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