Help organising my thoughts please (large format printer)

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Help organising my thoughts please (large format printer)

Hey everyone,

At the moment I have a Mitsubishi dye sub that I use for high volume / small size print runs and a Canon Pixma Pro 9000 mk II that I use for for proofing and prints at home.  I love the output of the Canon on glossy and metallic papers.
Last year I sold a lot more images but did them all via an on-line print company (as they can print larger, the lightfastness is better and matte printing just looks better).
This year I'd like to be able to do more myself so I am looking at adding a pigment printer to my arsenal.
But at the moment I am stuck in a circular loop!
I am thinking of the Canon Pro-1 as the output should be like my current printer but better with more papers...  Then I keep looking at Epson and the R3000 - which seems to be liked more at the same price (in the UK) - then I get drawn to the economy arguments towards the 3880 - and at the moment I can buy the Canon ipf5100 for almost the same price as the 3880 in the UK.

Then I think that I don't have enough room and go back to the R3000 and work my way back up through them one by one again!
So for me this is what I see as the winning point for each camera:

R3000 - smallish footprint, lowest start up price

Pro-1 - I know I'll be happy with the quality (I also have never had a Canon clog on me - even when I worked in a PC shop, there were loads of Epsons that clogged - but I did leave 12 years ago!)
3880 - One of the favourite printers in the history or PC photo printing

ipf5100 - Still a Canon most cost effective OEM inks - 12 colours for larger gamut, roll feed.

I am sure that I can rearrange my office to fit any of them in - even if it might be a bit of a pain (especially as if I'm not using thick matte media I don't need as much space behind the 9000 mk II anymore.  The biggest draw to either of the larger formats is the fact that I can then print larger myself and outsource less of my printing.

Any sanity anyone can provide (or user experiences) would be greatly appreciated!

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