Full Manual Lenses, does anyone have experience with Rokinon/Samyang? Exposure Issue

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Re: Full Manual Lenses, does anyone have experience with Rokinon/Samyang? Exposure Issue

Carsten Pauer 2 wrote:

But as soon as I attach the lens to the camera, the iris gets pushed open and stays open, regardless of what aperture the lens is set. When I move the aperture ring, it changes the F values on the camera but it doesn't look like the iris opens and closes. I'm not sure if it's supposed to though...

That is normal for a Nikon Mount Lens with a Aperture-Ring.
Here a Samyang Lens, while i push the DOF Button.

You can See that the Iris is open and when i push the DOF Button the IRIS is closing to the selected Aperture...

I was under the impression that it has always opened when on camera,

Yes, that is the normal Lens Status on a Nikon Camera.

but I have now read elsewhere that I am only supposed to set the lens at F22 and only use the front dial to change aperture values, which sounds strange to me, as I don't think I have ever been able to do that!

That is right for normal DSLR Lenses, but You use a VDSLR Lens.

So is this a problem with my lenses or should I have Nikon take a look at my camera?

No, it's You.

Carsten, thanks for that video showing you pressing the DOF button! I haven't tried that yet until now, it does nothing... I can hear a sound inside, but the iris is not closing. That really shows me that there is a problem, it's now just a matter of determining if it's on the lens or my camera. Would be a strange coincidence if it's the lens because both are doing the same.

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