Please tell me Im not wasting my money, help someone please. Urgent!

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Please tell me Im not wasting my money, help someone please. Urgent!

Im shopping for the Canon 17-55 2.8 lens, I know forsure I want it.  Unfortauntely this lens is so damn expensive, the lowest locally brand new is $950CDN.  Factor in 5% tax and its just over a grand.  That is a lot of cash, but i truly believe after having used it, that i will not regret one bit buying it.  The decision is new  vs used.

I came across one used one locally for $700 and the guy is firm.  He says its 9 months old and great working order. I asked about the condition and he said to refer to the pics as its harder to describe in words.  I thought hmmm...I only asked if theres scratches on the body or lens.  All he says in his ad is that its in great working order.  Doesnt mention anything about it being a completely scratch free lens or anything.  Anyways, the warranty doesnt transfer over so i pretty much get no warranty.

As much as I wanted to buy his used one because of the 23% savings + tax, I just feel I should go new simply because this is the first time im buying this expensive of a lenses and I need the peace of mind otherwise i wont be able to sleep at night.  I dont trust myself in buying a used one and what to look for.  I have a brief idea, but have no experience doing it in my past.

Im a bit put off by the seller refusing to tell me the condition of the lenses.  Everyone has a different view on what they consider to be "excellent condition" yada yada yada.  To me 10/10 conditions means the lens is in brand new condition, in other words the exact same condition from when it came out of the box new.  A few marks and dings here and there is not perfect condition, but to many it is.  So thats why its so hard to judge condition.

So im gonna pay the extra 24% and buy new from the store simply for peace of mind, knowing the history of the lens, how it was treated etc, and full 1 year warranty.  I would love to save the 24% but i just dont want to end up regretting it or perhaps getting burned later.

Before i buy one this weekend, someone please assure me that im not wasting my money by buying this lens new.

I plan on keeping this lens for as long as i keep my camera (which will be several years), and i dont plan on getting any other lenses (aside from a prime), so it will be my main horse.


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