Which DSLR for Professional Product and Food Photography - part II

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Re: Which DSLR for Professional Product and Food Photography - part II

My 2 cents:

Pick a camera... it almost doesn't matter which one.

The thing(s) you should really be fussing over are:

- photographic technique

- lighting equipment and knowing exactly how to use it

- good lens(es)

- post processing technique

For the most part, both Canon & Nikon will get you the same results.

Being a Nikon owner, I will say that go with the D610 (FX) rather than the D7100 (DX). The D7100 is excellent though.

DCooper wrote:

Hello again,

I started a thread on here about a month ago (Which DSLR for Professional Product and Food Photography ), where I got really great, informative answers from you guys, when I asked whether buying a a M43 VS APS-C VS Full Frame DSLR made a difference with clients in the Commercial business of Product and Food Photography. (Just in case you haven’t read it, I am an amateur Photographer wanting to start a business.)

The general consensus appeared to be that it is more about the end product than the camera body, yet some felt that pro gear is essential.

Anyway since then, after extensive research, with my budget of approx £2000, I am still toying with the idea of a 70D with maybe an L lens or a 6D with a couple of non L, EF lenses. I am aware of the advantages of the Full Frame 6D over the 70D, which is why I am considering it as an option. Obviously, I want to get the balance right, as this is a lot of money to me.

I've taken note of a couple of experienced Product Photography Pros, that I have watched online and read, who have said different things in regards to good business sense. The first photographer appeared to recommend, when just starting out, buying L lenses for high end client shoots after making money from shooting with non L lenses, with smaller, local clients. The other recommended, to people starting out on a budget, buying a cheaper DSLR and getting an expensive L lens. This made good business sense for him.

The 6D and the 70D are the two options I have in mind and for personal reasons, I want to stick with Canon or maybe Nikon. From the point of a business perspective, I’d really appreciate your feedback please on whether the 6D Full Frame with the advantages it has over a Crop DSLR (approx £500 difference), which is within my budget, is a good idea and makes good business sense, at this point; or whether the 70D (or cheaper Crop sensor DSLR) and a selection of either non L or an L lens makes more sense?

Once again, I look forward to any suggestions and advice.

Many thanks,


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