Who still shoots with a Nikon d40?

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Re: Who still shoots with a Nikon d40?

yup, i still use mine (which i bought in 2008). i use it with a nikon 17-55 f/2.8 and a tokina 11-16 f/2.8. i let my 17 year old son use it (together with the 18-55 kit lens) whenever he goes on a school field trip, he loves the portability.

i never quite liked using it. i come from film and being used to shooting with a nikon F4, the D40  always felt more like a toy. back then i wasn't quite sure if digital was something for me, so i was never going to spend big euros on a cam. the D40 looked to be great value for money back then and so it proved to be.

i'd love a camera with better low light performance and one where i don't end up with super tiny files when i crop them square, so i'm looking to buy a new camera by the end of the year (if finances permit).

here's one of the last images i took with it just a few weeks back at the mediopadana railway station in reggio emilia, italy.

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